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Radical Social Experiment token mathematically designed to give holders 10,000,000X PRICE INCREASE



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TO 10,000,000X

DOD about 2


A prize fund pool will be controlled by the smart contract. At the end of project, the prize fund pool will reach 100,000,000 LUSD while 1,000,000,000 DOD token left. At that point, all token holders can swap their DOD for LUSD at the rate 1 DOD = 0.1 LUSD. As we know, the price of strategic round is 0.000000009 LUSD/DOD. Therefore, DOD will increase by about 10,000,000 times from the initial pre-sale price.


DOD (Day of Defeat) is a token issued on the Binance Smart Chain. It is first and exciting social experiment on this planet, with a radical deflationary mathematical model which will keep the price of DOD token rising continuously. The team of DOD has fixed the first and final price in the smart contract mathematically. Therefore, all final holders will get 10,000,000 X gains.


1 billion DOD token would be left when the smart contract stops. DOD has a destruction mechanism, and its pre-sale price is very low. So it’s a good strategy to keep buying lots of DOD to hold them until the victory time to exchange them into LUSD. We hope our holders can become one of the holders of the last 1 billion. Let's witness the carnival moment of victory day.











$DOD is built mathematically to go from the earliest starting price of 0.000000009 to $0.1. The price will increase by 11,111,111X. No one can stop this process!


For every 1 million DOD destroyed, the prize pool fund will increase by 1 LUSD, and the final prize pool fund will reach an amazing 100 million $LUSD. This prize pool is locked by the smart contract. NO ONE CAN OPEN IT.


The smart contract triggers the automatic opening of the fund pool at 1 Billion supply. Finally, the holders holding the $DOD at this supply can exchange the $DOD into $LUSD. The exchange ratio is 10 DOD = 1 LUSD




Each transfer will deduct 19% of the transfer amount according to the taxation and destruction mechanism based on the smart contract. How will 19% of the coins be distributed?


One part will be directly destroyed to the black hole, another part will be converted into LUSD and deposited in the prize fund pool. When the remaining amount reaches 1,000,000,000, the burnt will be stopped. The total burnt quantity would be 99,999,000,000,000.


DOD Model


How to buy Day of Defeat (DOD) Token?

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The method is simple as follows: click BUY $DOD button at the top!

The simple answer is because when you finally go to the fund pool to exchange LUSD, you can exchange 0.1 LUSD per DOD. The principle is this: we will continue to burn 99.999% of DOD. While burning, we will put 1 LUSD into the fund pool for every 1,000,000 burned. In the end, the LUSD in the fund pool will reach nearly a 0.1Billion while the DOD left is 1 billion, so 1 DOD ≈ $0.1.

It only happens under extreme conditions, so there is no need to worry about it. When nobody sells DOD, the price of DOD will continue to increase until it reaches or approaches the critical value of $0.1. Of course, this is a conjecture, and it does not appear in reality, because $0.1 is the final price. In principle, it will not exceed $0.1, because, at this time, your choice would be selling it rather than holding it if you are a smart guy. Please believe it. Most people will calculate this result.

First of all, we promise that the team will not redeem the fund pool. After calculation, the income we earn at the end of the project is already very substantial. There is no need to redeem the fund pool. In addition, we have a very substantial income, that is, the liquidity at the end of the project. The funds in the pool will also be very large. This fund is enough for everyone on the team to retire. Therefore, we don’t need to participate in the exchange fund pool at all. It is a gift for all the loyal fans who love this project, and you deserve it.

At the end of the project, we will calculate the number of Tokens remaining. For example, when the total remaining DOD is 1.5 billion and there are 500 million remaining in the Liquidity pool, then we all know there are 1 billion remaining outside. Now we may cancel the liquidity pool in advance and burn the 500 million DOD, and at the same time, LUSD would be put into the prize fund pool according to the ratio of destroying 1,000,000 into 1 LUSD. At this time, the project will end earlier (It is Just an example here, the situation may change in reality, but our plan is to proceed like this). The remaining LUSD would be used in 3 ways: firstly, team members, secondly, start-up capital, and thirdly, charitable donations.

The 19% deducted went into a wallet that we set up in advance. We will manually burn the DOD according to the amount of LUSD we sold. Initially, we planned to use smart contracts to complete all the work, but in the end, we found smart contracts is not a good choice because we require that every 1,000,000 DOD burned must be put into the fund pool 1 LUSD, but the price of DOD changes in real-time, and the smart contract cannot determine the amount of burn according to the price change. When the price is very low, we sell more DOD in exchange for more destruction. When the price rises, we can sell a small amount of DOD. This is a very complicated link and smart contracts cannot be completed, so It can only be done manually, so there is a certain delay when you see the amount of destruction and the number of fund pools displayed on the page. Maybe we update it once a day in the early stage, and maybe it will update it once an hour in the later period. We will make this address public to everyone. Everyone can check the DOD of the wallet. No one can earn personal gain here. We also hope that everyone in the community will supervise it.

The team members are mainly in the United States and Canada. We are not an organized team, but we all think that the guy who came up with this great idea is a genius. We think this project will be successful. We have no salary, only token distribution, but we believe we will earn enough pensions. We need more talents to join the team. We also need website designers, cryptocurrency engineers, professional marketing directors, legal consultants, art artists, video production experts, etc. We hope to build a global professional team, you can work from home and share team interests, because there are more great projects to be developed next. If you like this way of working and like our team, then you are welcome to email us and we will contact you.

We calculated based on the price of the strategic round. As we know the price is 0.000000009 LUSD/DOD, and the final price was 0.1 LUSD/DOD, so we calculated that the DOD increased by 10,000,000X

We welcome a large number of whales to buy or sell, which will accelerate the progress of DOD destruction, and we are not worried about the price. The final price of $0.1 is a fact that no one can change. As time goes on, DOD will continue to be burnt. And the price will continue to rise and approach $0.1/DOD, no whale can stop and change this process.

DOD about 2


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